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‘Across Female Realms’, nouveau livre de Stella Dupuis

septembre 14, 2016

“…Time and life stood still. All activity was hidden within the deep vegetation.  Birds and insects were like jungle fairies playing with us. We could hear them but not see them.”

« …The afternoon sun started colouring the jungle with a golden brush when a startling figure appeared carved on the rock. Looking up, I could only see her hair streaming out as if to connect with the sky. Then I saw the power of action vibrating out from her multiple arms, and beneath her feet lay the Asura, the dying demon. In the most unexpected place I had found the conjunction of the three magic realms, Tripura Sundari, the beautiful queen of the three cities in the form of Mahishasuramardini. The evening call of the invisible animals increased in power but our eyes were fixed, mesmerized by the figure of the great goddess. »

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